Baccarat Staking - Win without playing & earn passive income


Let’s assume you’re not a natural gambler or you simply haven’t got the time or the skills to play Baccarat yourself. Or maybe your nerves just aren’t strong enough.

Then Baccarat staking - an exciting passive income opportunity that virtually anyone can seize - might be just the right thing for you.

You’ve probably heard of staking in poker: You put up cash on behalf of a player (you’re his “backer”) and have a share in the winnings without playing yourself. The player now shares his expertise with you and can take shots in bigger games. The backer takes some of the loss risk in exchange for a cut in the profits.

As in poker, it’s no different in Baccarat. The higher your stake in the game is, the bigger are your potential earnings.

When the player wins the backer wins, too. Vice versa, when the player loses a game the backer, too, loses part of his stake. There are no guaranteed returns.

That’s why – by definition – staking is not an investment. It's an entertainment business and should be treated as such.

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